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What a great, simple straightforward recipe for vegan milk. Go Stella


For my Sister in law Fi ❤

A great way to receive the amazing benefits of hemp, here is a great information on the benefits of hemp

Hemp milk recipe:
Preferably soak hemp seeds overnight
So they activate. Even better sprout them 🙂 No worries if not, just use dry seeds.

3 tablespoons of hemp seeds (grind with a coffee grinder or pestle and mortar)
2/3 cups of distilled or pure water
3 dates (optional for sweetness)

Add hemp, water and dates into food processor, blender or smoothie maker
Whizz up until water turns milky
Strain out hemp shells with nut bag, sieve or whatever you have

Simple, now you have hemp milk 🙂

Enjoy 🙂






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I’ve been after a good deodorant recipe for yonks and here’s one ready made and tested. Brilliant. I’ll be giving this a good go. At last it seems like I have the perfect use for KTC coconut oil!

Just got back from picking the girls up from kindergarten and hoping I’ll have a bit of time to blog as I can hear them playing happily in the road. It’s not quite as irresponsible as it sounds – we live in a dead end, so fingers crossed they won’t get run over.

ANYWAY, I’d like to share a couple of deodorant recipes with you. I haven’t used commercial deodorants for years. I mistrust the companies that make them and what they put in them, so for a while I used a lovely brand of natural deodorant. It came in about 6 different scents, all of which smelled divine but it cost nearly £7 a pop!

This motivated me to look into making my own deodorants and I started with a really simple recipe, using ingredients you can pick up at most supermarkets:

  • 150g coconut oil
  • 70g bicarbonate of soda

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Addicted To Meat?

Inspiring veg related story of recovery and well-being. Spectacular

Mill's Message

No meat zoneWhen are you finally going to get the message (if you haven’t already)?  Is it going to take some personal tragedy as a wake-up call?  Are you so stuck in your ways that you’re willing to risk your life or the lives of your family?  How many different clinical studies have to be undertaken for you to accept the fact that meat consumption causes cancer (Cooked Meat & Cancer, TMAO: The Real Killer In Meat, AGEs: More Bad News For Meat Eaters, World Cancer Day: Take Control) while a plant-based diet prevents, arrests and even cures the dreaded disease (My New BFF: Broccoli Sprouts, Dealing With Cancer, Preventing, Arresting & Curing The Big “C”, Which Vegetable Fights Cancer Best?) ?  If you’re still consuming meat, you need to sit down and ask yourself why you can’t stop, then do whatever you have…

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This looks delicious… avocado and cacao (replacing the cocoa powder) and using something else instead of the honey and BINGO

FoodSmarty's Nutritional Advice


Craving chocolate ice cream or a chocolate shake. Try this instead. It tastes the same and will make you feel great!

Avocado have monounsaturated fats called oleic acids. These are the same fats found in olives and are good for your heart and digestive system. Although this dish is high in fat remember that it is sugar and carbs that will make you fat, not healthy fats.


1 avocado

1 T cocoa or carob powder

2 T honey (opt)

1/2 c soy milk or rice milk

1 c crushed ice

1/4 t maca powder (opt)

Blend in blender.

I like to only use WestSoy unsweetened soymilk because it is the only brand without “Natural Flavor”. What is that anyway?

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Brilliant non-toxic ingredients for household jobs!

You Need Food

We’re marketed so many products by companies that only care about making money. Recently I’ve taken to minimizing the number of products I purchase and using products that are food-safe instead of using harmful everyday products.

Why would I get in a shower that has been cleaned with toxic chemicals, or spray similar cleaner around my kitchen?

Also, having many products and keeping track of what was for what, when and how much always drove me nuts!  Below are products that I now swear by-I’ve highlighted the tips that I use most.

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In this article a farmer condescends to have a pint with a vegan couple. He mentions that they were decent enough and while it’s clear he won’t be switching to growing food for humans while giving up eating meat it does makes him think about farming practices in general. This has to be a good thing, so well done to the vegan couple!

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I’ve never had much luck with dumplings, they’ve tended to disintegrate, which is very disappointing. My friend made some for a puy lentil soup he made, which were great and were exactly like the dumplings of my childhood. In the lentil post, I describe a stew recipe that dumplings would have suited very well.

5 lentil winter stew

In the picture you are unable to see that the stew is piled up on a thick slice of wholemeal bread, this is the poor mans version. Or, nearer to the truth, the unskilled cooks version. The bread soaks up the ‘juice’ and acts like a dumpling, try it it’s very good.

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